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Debt Collection Defense

Debt Collection cases are brought by all kinds of businesses, but there are two basic categories of plaintiffs collecting debts:  Original Creditors and Debt Buyers.

‚ÄčOriginal Creditors are businesses that provided you with a service or loaned you money, such as hospitals or credit card companies.

Debt Buyers‚Äč are businesses that buy old debt, often for pennies on the dollar, then attempt to collect the full face value of the debt from you.  Some examples of known Debt Buyers are Cavalry Portfolio Services, Asset Acceptance Corp., and Portfolio Recovery Associates.

Just because a Debt Buyer claims that they are owed money from you in court or in a letter, it does not mean that they are entitled to anything.  Debt Buyers frequently receive only minimal information from the Original Creditor and cannot prove their case against you.

If you have received court papers or other notices from a debt collector, we encourage you to contact us.  We may be able to reduce, or even eliminate the debt, without bankruptcy or payment plans.